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The Secret of the Nagas free ebook pdf download

Author(s): Amish Tripathi
Publisher: Westland Ltd
Date: 2011-08-12
Format: pdf,epub,mobi,lit,rtf,lrf,html,txt,fb2
Language: English
Pages: 414
The Secret of the Nagas free ebook pdf download by amish tripathi
All hell breaks loose when Shiva tries to unravel the mystery surrounding the
Nagas and their link with the Chandravanshis. The Secret of the Nagas
continues the tale of Shiva and the Suryavanshis right from where The
Immortals of Meluha left it. Summary of The Secret Of The Nagas The
Secret of the Nagas is filled with intrigue and surprises, much like the
previous installment, The Immortals of Meluha.
The story kicks off with Shiva trying to decipher the motives of the Nagas, a
race of deformed assassins who have killed his friend Brahaspati and are
targeting his wife Sati. His path of vengeance leads him right to the land of
the serpent race, where he needs to find the man who's the mastermind
behind the elaborate attack planned on Meluha.
Shiva's journey throws many surprises at him, as he learns about the secret
lying dormant in Maika, a city in Meluha where the newly-born are raised,
and as his trusted advisors leave his side, fueled by darker motives.
Will Shiva uncover the truth and vanquish the Chandravanshis and Nagas?
About Amish Tripathi Amish Tripathi is an Indian author from Mumbai.
The author is well known for his other bestseller, The Immortals of Meluha,
which was the first book from The Shiva Trilogy.
Tripathi unfolds the concept of Karma and reincarnation in this book with
ease. He manages to engage his readers through his fast narrative and his
intense portrayal of Shiva as a character.
A professional from the finance sector and an alumnus of IIM-Kolkata,
Amish Tripathi started writing The Shiva Trilogy after working in the finance
sector for 14 years, fueled by his passion for mythology and history.
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